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Big Changes and the Future

Hey everyone, Andrew here, writer and creator of WSBA. I just wanted to share with you what our production schedule is going to be looking like for the future. When I first started WSBA, it was the beginning of something much bigger than I could have imagined. It’ll be three years of making this awesome show in October, and things are changing for me, for sure. I have put together a team of incredible people who all share the same passion for art, creation and entertainment as I do, and we have unified into a brand new entertainment studio called Cosmic Canvas Studio. This has been my lifelong dream, to create a company that would share stories with the world. Now, that dream is coming true. This changes things drastically, however, when I talk about the future of WSBA. Now, don’t worry, We’re So Bad At Adventuring isn’t going anywhere. In fact, with this new company, you will get to see Thornwick and Bob come alive in many different ways. From the artists we employ to the audio engineers, we have the tools and resources to create amazing stories in many different forms!

If you are reading this, chances are you enjoy the show quite a bit. You might also know that there was a very long period of silence between season 2 and season 3. I want to apologize for the lack of communication, it was brought on by a myriad of different factors, the biggest one being that we were really focused on getting the Studio up and running. Now that we are fully operational, my goal is to communicate with everyone about the future as clearly as I can. So, let’s talk it out. Here is what the back half of 2017 and the start of  2018 look like for WSBA!

Announcement One:  The Terrible Adventurers Brand

As you might have noticed, some eBooks are beginning to crop up taking place in the world of WSBA. But what’s interesting about these books is that they aren’t about Thornwick and Bob. As I have developed We’re So Bad At Adventuring, I have crafted a world that I feel has many different stories to tell. As such, I realize now that while WSBA is our flagship story, it isn’t the only thing that I am interested in talking about. So we have come up with the name Terrible Adventurers to describe the universe that Thorwick and Bob live in. The idea is to tell stories about ordinary people who have no business being out on adventures, trying their best to not only survive, but to thrive as well. My desire is to see the world of Valoria grow in complexity and increase in number of main characters. Fantasy worlds have always fascinated me and captured my imagination, and I want to explore what it means for real human beings with flaws, desires and fears to exist within a bizzare world where defying death and stealing treasure is looked at as the norm. And so we have revamped the website for the purpose of sharing more than just our podcast. We want Terrible Adventurers.com to be the central hub for everything related to this crazy fantasy world.


Announcement Two: WSBA Season 4

We’re So Bad At Adventuring continues to grow in complexity, listenership and cast. With Season 3 brought to a close, I am appreciative of everyone who has tuned in and followed Thornwick and Bob on this exciting and very different kind of season. As of right now, the 4th season will be going into production in the new year and release is planned for May 2018. I know when we first produced this series, we moved at a very breakneck pace between seasons, but we are slowing things down so that we can keep a steady amount of high quality content coming out year round, as opposed to in short, unreliable bursts. So, from now on, WSBA is going to be on a yearly release cycle, with each new season premiering in the April-May timeframe.


Announcement Three:  Welcome to the Lone Tower

I’m happy to announce that we are in the process of creating a brand new Audio Drama called Welcome to the Lone Tower. You may recognize the name Lone Tower, as that is the magical school where Thornwick was taught his powerful craft. Welcome to the Lone Tower is about a young woman who returns to her Alma Mater with the hopes of becoming a teacher for the wizard school. However, the prestigious school isn’t as great as she remembered. The teachers are apathetic and prone to killing each other, education is neglected in favor of hijinx and even the Wizard’s Guild doesn’t seem to care about what happens to the most esteemed college. Will Jeanie be able to clean the school up and restore it to the glory that she once knew, or will it devour her either figuratively or literally, as it has devoured countless other teachers? Coming this winter!


So there you have it folks, some exciting news about what the future is going to be looking like for Terrible Adventurers. Thanks for following us this far and we can’t wait to share more exciting things with you in the future!

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