we’re so bad at side adventuring

In between the main adventures, Thornwick and Bob often get thesmelves into crazy situations! We call this side series We’re So Bad At Side Adventuring. These are single, standalone episodes that are never referenced or mentioned in the main series. These exclusive episodes are designed to be fun, hysterical antics and are a great way for our fans to be able to support us. So how do you access these episodes? Well, if you sign up for Tier 2 or Higher on our Patreon, you’ll be able to access monthly exclusive episodes. These are full length adventures to boot! What’s Patreon, you ask? Well, Patreon is a great way for fans to be able to support the show. You can sign up and pledge a monthly donation and in exchange, you’ll recieve all sorts of cool, exclusive things depending on how much you choose to donate. While We’re So Bad At Adventuring is a lot of fun to produce, it isn’t cheap to make and we incur a lot of costs in providing the main series. Now, the main WSBA series will always be free, but the Side Adventures are meant to reward those who choose to support us and help offset some of our expenses. So, if you like the show and you want to contribute while getting awesome rewards, check out our Patreon in the link below!

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Thornwick and Bob stumble across an ancient temple containing a probably evil death cult. Can they defeat the Cultist Doomfather, save the princess and avoid an evil pool of water? Probably not, but we’re going to watch them try anyway.

October’s Release:

Two Monsters after Midnight!

Trapped in a nightmarish realm, Thornwick and Bob scavenge for food and booze, only to uncover true evil! Will they be able to escape the legendary beings that seek to devour their flesh? Can they find enough whiskey and beans to last them a few days? Coming this October!

November’s Release:

Dungeon Dangerous!

A simple bet between Thornwick and Bob lead them to try and clear a dungeon in record time, only to discover the terrible secret of the Dungeon Dangerous! Will Bob be able to turn his arms into windmills? Can Thornwick avoid doing any actual work? Coming this November!

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